1. 4am

From the recording The Fireside Wake

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It's four o'clock and I'm tired
Just like a savior you're my sire
Could you believe me if I said
“It would be useless in my head, cause I'm dead?”
And nothing can vanish back to sleep
And everything I have sewn it's time to reap
Why can't you be more like me?
It's easy to see my misery cause I'm see through
And I wanted to be something new be more like you
With nothing to gain and nothing to lose and nothing to choose
I thought I was freezing but I'm warm
I bought out to Jesus without form
I stared to my right but I should have left
Avert all this failure and screw this mess
These acrophobic heights
Are walking in daylight through green nights
Couldn't you say you won't go away?
Fighting your taste faking a waste and flailing in place
One foot out the door pleading for more through a song
You've got this allure I thought I was sure but I was wrong