The Fireside Wake an amalgam of musical styles pushed through the lens of high-energy rock & roll. All words and music are written and performed by a single Michigander.

The debut album is 15 years in the making. Songwriting began in 2003, and recording began in 2013. Initially, the idea was to track a few songs to listen to personally. The project snowballed into an 18 song, 95 minute musical exploration. Disparate genres have been juxtaposed into one cohesive whole with one main element in common: the singular songwriter/performer.

At the time of this writing, the album has been recorded, mastered, and was released digitally on 12/20/19. It still needs to be pressed to vinyl and replicated to CD. A very special private Digital Release Listening Party and Live Event was held on 12/21/19. Many people came and were treated to free booze, free food, an album art gallery, and a live solo interpretation of select songs from the album. A live band is currently being assembled and trained to bring this behemoth to life as accurately as possible.

In 2021, a Crowdfunding campaign will ensue to finance the manufacturing of CD and Vinyl. A few exclusive live events of the album being performed in its entirety, from start-to-finish, will accompany the release of physical copies of the album.

There are currently 3 ways to stay up to date with developing information: this website, the official Facebook Page, and the email list (be sure to sign up from the home page).