1. Lazy Sunday

From the recording The Fireside Wake

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Patiently I wait for the
Day to come when I’m not on the run
And my demons don’t chase me
When I’m havin’ my fun
Cause the sun rise and the sun falls
The same when I’m done
Can it be?
Cause my eyes are wide open
So this can’t be a dream
All my pitfalls and my habits
Ain’t as bad as they seem
So I’ll play ‘em away
On this lazy Sunday
Now I see what it means to be
Sick in love that’s what I’m frightened of
Cause the warmth of your body and your hands on my face
Is a manifestation of the perfect embrace
Is it real?
And I don’t mind sayin’ what my head done thunk
It’s the truth and I promise it’s not cause I’m drunk
And I’ll play away
This whole lazy Sunday