1. A Perfect Mess

From the recording The Fireside Wake

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I’m finding out more and more every day every god damn day
That trusting people is like crumpling up money
And throwing it away
The things they do and the things they say
Often contradict with the seraphic character
They traipse around on display
Now I’m not asking that people go out of their way to change their tune
God no!
They’re born from scoundrels suckers whores and thieving raccoons
The distortion’s so deep that I’m convinced not a one of us is immune
But with a bit of luck a raging meteor will crash into the planet soon
And all you are to me is a joke that no one gets
Would you give it a rest? I’m not impressed
And all these sentient beings they’re ill-conceived at best
It’s so grotesque you’re a perfect mess
So while you sat idly as your time just passes you by
You’ve taken to criticizing others’ lives because you refuse to try
It’s kinda pathetic what makes you tick what makes you thrive
That your measure of prosperity
Must be in direct competition with mine
Climb up the ladder out the bottle
And meet the good old boys at the top
Raise the stakes higher fuel the fire
And start a landslide that can’t be stopped
Meanwhile the infantry scatters dreams are shattered
And we’ve paid off all the cops
To fight the wrong fights your god isn’t right
Black and red to the last drop
And all our hopes and dreams are shattering at best
So we settle for less that’s as good as it gets
So I guess we’ll say “we should be lucky to be this blessed”
I gotta confess it’s a perfect mess