From the recording The Fireside Wake

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I've got no energy
To work myself into a drug addled frenzy
But I've got dependency it's a tendency
To push it as far as I can
So please don't remind me
My balance is gone and I'm waiting for someone to find me
Twist and rewind me confine me
From myself and no one else
And I'm just a pleasantry
My mind is made up that you're sad when you're 70
The jokes are relenting
I'm intending to make you a goddess again
But you're so fed up with me
And I am so to of your blatant dishonesty
Switch on my modesty
It's a charm that gets us nowhere
And I have had it made for a long time
My syntax has been programmed with the wrong lines
Your whole life leading up to this
How much of your ignorance is bliss?
I'm the incredible mostly illegible
Man that you miss
So speed me up and tickle my comfort
It's not enough cause I'm still standin'
Open up I'm freezing it's raining
I made it up
Imagination is a-runnin’ wild