YouTube Jukebox Request - One Song
  • YouTube Jukebox Request - One Song
  • YouTube Jukebox Request - One Song
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Pick a song - ANY song and I'll learn it, cover it, and post the performance to my YouTube Channel. Normally, I don't take requests at all, so those that know, REALLY know, that I must be desperate at this point if I'm willing to leave my fate in your hands. You can choose one of the songs from The Fireside Wake, or literally any other song in the universe. If you decide to be cheeky and pick some sort of avant-garde Soviet-techno-jazz song, I will deliver an equally sarcastic performance. Any honest request will be met with an honest attempt to learn and recreate said song. Please leave the Name of the Artist, Name of the Song, and if there is a particular version or whatever you want to hear, type all that up in the Notes section of your order when checking out.

I'm honestly really worried about how many Taylor Swift songs I'm about to have to learn. This could be super fun, or an absolute drag. Either way, it's happening!

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