Private 4 Hour Concert
  • Private 4 Hour Concert
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Same spiel as the 1 Hour Concert (forgive my copy & paste laziness): I will come to the house / venue / cabin of your choosing, and perform 4 hour's worth of covers and original material from The Fireside Wake. If the chosen venue is beyond 25 miles from Zip Code 48734, please message me in advance so we can talk about travel arrangements. I'm not booking a flight to California on my dime for $500 - that just doesn't make any fiscal sense. I'm not opposed to traveling out of state to make this one happen, but we gotta be reasonable. After all, these are the types of experiences where the resource I'm using is my time so I may put funds towards getting the album pressed. Pay for my gas / flight and I'll be pretty willing to travel just about anywhere, especially if you have a Sheetz en route.

I would love for this to end up being some cool basement show somewhere, or at a remote cabin where we can party like Werewolves.

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