The Fireside Wake

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Fischer Hall, 613 S Main St, Frankenmuth, MI


I am beyond excited to announce that my first solo album is finally seeing the light of day. So, I'm throwing a private party to celebrate!

Fischer Hall in downtown Frankenmuth Saturday, December 21st, 2019 6:00pm to 11:00pm

6:00 - Doors Open (Entrance in rear of building ONLY. Main Street entrance will be locked all night. Smoking section out back). 6:15 - Album Starts 8:00 - SPEECH SPEECH SPEECH! 8:15 - The Fireside Wake Live Performance Set 1 (Acoustic Style) 9:00ish - Intermission 9:10ish - The Fireside Wake Live Performance Set 2 (Electric Style) 10:30ish - Performance over. Mingle with guests. 11:00 - Load out

This event will be closed to the public and is considered Invite Only.

As such, you may either BYOB (yes, you may bring your own preferred booze) and/or enjoy a complimentary selection of spirits and craft beers. A special limited edition Porter will be made specifically for this event.

And what party is a party without food? A Taco Bar will be available for all your munching needs. With enough bribery, someone or their mom might be able to supply desserts.

FOOD: - Beef Barbacoa - Ground Beef & Venison - Black Beans - Rice - Cheese - Onions - Greek Yogurt / Avocado Sauce - Taco Sauce - Tomato-y pureed salsa - Soft Tortillas (Street Taco size) - Tortilla Chips

DESERT: - Random deserts provided by friends

SPIRITS - The Fireside Wake Porter - Charming Chile Rye - Devil's Spit Day IPA - Altimate Altbier - Random selection of Liquors and Mixers

The evening will kick off with a listening party of the entire 100-minute album played from front to back over the PA system. Also provided will be a cozy faux-living room complete with couches and a headphone listening station that will support up to 4 separate headphone mixes so you can dig deeper into the sonic landscape.

5 Oil Paintings have been commissioned through Hargash Artist Studio for the album artwork. These 5 paintings will be on display in the Album Art Gallery.

A very special performance will take place after the playback of the album has been completed. This will be the first official performance of The Fireside Wake. Songs will be reimagined live and made to accommodate a single musician. This will not necessarily be an acoustic performance, nor will it necessarily be a full-band electric performance. There is no sense trying to explain what will be attempted. Suffice it to say, the attendees will be treated to a very unique and entertaining live show.

The Donation Jar will go towards funding the manufacturing of Vinyl Pressing, and CD Replication.

Capacity: Space is extremely limited so RSVP-ing is paramount (via email, text, smoke signals, carrier pigeon, WHATEVER! ...just... somehow). Not everyone invited will make it, so please make contact if you have not been invited but desire to attend. Best attempts will be made to accommodate given the limitations.

I started writing these songs in 2004. I started recording these songs professionally in 2013. It is now almost 15 years later and I'm FINALLY able to release this neurotic collection of songs to the public. I cannot express the anxiety and excitement this whole thing is causing me, but I'm insanely eager for you to hear this album.

Tenaciously yours,